Lina Konstantinopoulou

Head of Department of Logistics and Transport, ERTICO

Lina is a Head of Department  (PRINCE 2 Project Management Certified) of Logistics and Traffic Management, at ERTICO from November 2008. Responsible for managing and supervising European Commission co-funded projects and platforms in the field of both passenger and freight transport  (e.g. AEOLIX, InterCor, CAPITAL, CO-GISTICS, CityLog, CVIS, iCar Support, iMobility Challenge, PROS and NOVELOG) and also Innovation and deployment platforms such as TM2.0 and TISA.    In particular  she is coordinating a portfolio of programmes and activities including ITS for Freight Transport and Logistics programme and Emergency Call and also leading the ERTICO Task Force on ITS for Freight Transport and Logistics which develops the roadmap and work plan on ITS for freight transport for the ERTICO partnership.   She holds a Master’s Degree in International Trade and European Integration with focus on freight transport and Bachelors in European Economics from the University of Staffordshire. In terms of policy, advocacy and stakeholder mobilization, she participates in the newly created Cooperative ITS Platform (C-ITS Platform) ‘’Working 8 on User acceptance’’, to provide policy recommendations for the development of a roadmap and a deployment strategy for C-ITS in Europe in the field of Transport and Logistics.  She is a member of the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DG MOVE) in order to provide advice and technical expertise to the Commission on the development of standards, legislation, policies, projects and programmes in the field of Digital Transport and Logistics; she is acting as steering group member of the ALICE European Technology Platform and active member of the WG3 Information Systems for Interconnected Logistics to provide advice and technical expertise to the Commission on future roadmaps and work programs such as Horizon 2020.